A new year of VREngine

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a great new year!

This year I plan to continue the development of VREngine. For those who don’t know, VREngine is a side project of mine that allows game developers to create VR games without needing to worry about making the basic interaction in VR. Things like player movement and the ability to pickup and interact with objects around the game world are complex systems that every game developer must implement.

VREngine is an Unreal Engine plugin that already has this basic implementation so game developers (like myself) can focus on the game itself.

This year for VREngine, I plan to switch from SteamVR (since according to Unreal Engine 5’s Plugin list is deprecated) to OpenXR which is a new standard being pushed forward.

Another feature I would like to tackle this year is baked-in multiplayer support. I dabbled in this a little last year but Unreal Engine has no Implementation for VR Multiplayer. Some of the nice things like automatic replication just don’t automatically work in VR. For example: In a normal first person project, Unreal automatically replicates the location and rotation of other players in the game. In a VR project, you have to manually create variables for the player’s locomotion locations and rotations for each tracker e.g. the left, right controllers and the headset. Otherwise without these manually tracked variables other players just appear still with default animation.

The repository of VREngine is https://github.com/Jordonbc/VREngine

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