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Unreal Toolkit

Unreal Toolkit is a newly created project I have been working on that allows you to easily package Unreal Engine games with ease.

It’s built on a frontend-backend model, frontend being HTML and JavaScript and the backend being Rust.

Unreal Toolkit lets you package games without needing to open the editor, giving more resources to the unreal build tool (UBT) and allows more advanced controls available in UBT to you while still keeping it simple and easy to understand.

It is currently in the early stages of development and I plan to add more features to it like the ability to build lighting and shaders. Maybe in the future it could interact with blueprints too.

The repository can be found here.

Interface of a custom Unreal Engine toolkit program with options for configuring and packaging both client and server builds for Windows 64, Linux, and Mac platforms.


VREngine is an Unreal Engine plugin that lets you easily create VR projects. It provides all the necessary ground work so you can focus more on the game rather than creating basic VR things like movement and item pickup.

VREngine was developed as a side project for one of my games I made at college (Project Ignite). The main idea was to create a plugin containing all the essential tools for me to create more VR games later on without needing to code everything again.

The full playlist of VREngine videos can be found here

Project Ignite​

Project Ignite was a VR game for college. It was a VR shooter set in the near future where artificial intelligence ruled the world and you had to save mankind from it.

Although I never finished the game, I would still like to develop it and eventually sell it on steam.

The story:

Aiden Cyris, a soldier that was killed during battle of World War 3. Zimeon Cyris, his son, who works in a laboratory brought back Aiden as an experiment which is a human
with a robot body. Zimeon develops an artificial intelligence called Cybernet that
accurately predicts the enemies next move but unfortunately turned sides.
Cybernet hacks into the technologies that he created, takes over Zimeon and uses
everything to destroy the Alliance.

Alien Wars

Alien Wars is a top-down multiplayer space battle game set 1,000 years in the future.

The year is 3017 and the universe is a dangerous place! You must attack and defend yourself if you want to live. You must make the universe a peaceful place by destroying enemies you encounter.

The game features online multiplayer, user accounts and a levelling system.

The original website allowed you to make and manage your account.

Title screen for 'SPACE MASTER' with a stylized font set against a backdrop of a vibrant, textured planet and a starry space scene.

Space Master

Space Master was a game I developed while learning the Construct 2 game engine. It's a top-down singleplayer space shooter. You can upgrade parts of your ship by destroying enemy space ships and earn score. As this game does not have any online features and is completly singleplayer it is still playable today (click on the image).

The C# Game Engine was an attempt to make a game engine in pure C# without using any fancy frameworks like DirectX or OpenGL. Instead it used the default WinForms API to make 2D sprites appear on screen with collision.