Unreal Engine Plugins

VREngine is a Unreal Engine plugin that lets you easilly create VR projects. It provides all the necessary ground work so you can focus more on the game rather than creating basic VR things like movement and item pickup.

VREngine was developed as a side project for one of my games I made at college. The main idea was to create a plugin containing all the essential tools for me to create more VR games later on without needing to code everything again.

Create simple windows with this easy to use plugin. The Simple Windows by Jordon Brooks aims to provide developers access to instantly create custom draggable windows inside Unreal Engine 4.


These are some of the games I have worked on:

Project Ignite

Project Ignite is not really much of a game but more of a tech demo for virtual reality (Late 2018 – 2020).

This project helped me to better understand how to develop VR mechanics and is what turn into VR Engine.

Alien Wars

Alien Wars was my second game I developed (2016 – 2017).

It offers online multiplayer with player levelling.

Space Masters

Space masters is one of my first games I made (2016).

At It’s core, Its a 2D space shooter where you have to destroy enemy spaceships.

It features player upgrades such as thrust stabilizers, more damage and better shields.

3D Modelling

These are some 3D models I have worked on:​