VREngine is a Unreal Engine plugin that lets you easilly create VR projects. It provides all the necessary ground work so you can focus more on the game rather than creating basic VR things like movement and item pickup.

VREngine was developed as a side project for one of my games I made at college. The main idea was to create a plugin containing all the essential tools for me to create more VR games later on without needing to code everything again.


Pickup & Drop

VREngine has all the basic functionality to pickup, drop, detect hovering and activate objects.

Body Tracking

VREngine allows you to track the players body, head and hands* independently using SteamVR tracking.

*Hand tracking requires Valve Index controllers


Interactable objects can be picked up and interact with the environment with independent weight configuration per item.

Example Project

An example project for Unreal Engine can be found here. You should be able to change engine version if you change the plugin files to the appropriate branch.


Everything in the plugin is written in C++, no blueprints here. You can use blueprints if you dont like coding in C++ the functions will be listed on the wiki.

Technologies / Frameworks used

Built with:

  • Unreal Engine
  • SteamVR


Using precompiled DLLs

Once you download the zip file extract it and either place the extracted folder in the Plguins folder of your game or in the engine plugin folder for global use.

Building from source

If you build VREngine from souce you must place this repository in a folder called Plugins in the base directory of your game where the .uproject lives e.g. mygame/Plugins/VREngine

API Reference

You can use the Wiki to find information about all the functions.

VREngine Plugins

VREngine is setup in a way that allows users to make plugins that can be used the extend the functionality of VREngine.


This plugin contains content used from the 3rd person character template Epic Games provides e.g. Mannequin. This is to be used as a placeholder and testing purposes and should not be used in production as stated in the marketplace guidelines under 2.1.e.


This project is licensed under the Apache License 2.0

Apache License 2.0 © Jordon Brooks

If you use this plugin in your games, please consider helping me out by sponsoring 🙏